Halloween in Cork City: Amazing experience!

Hello guys!  I want to tell you about my experience here in Cork City during the Halloween. To be honest, Halloween is not a big party in IMG_1865Brazil like here in Ireland. There we have some parties in nightclubs and English schools but it is not a big deal. Anyway, when I saw people buying pumpkins, choosing costumes and telling me stories about last Halloween’s parties, I start to believe in that movies which I used to watch when I was child, those which children walk around the neighborhood wearing costumes and knocking in doors saying “Trick-or-Treat”. This is really happen here guys! Everybody decorate the house and wait for children. Was a great experience watching those wearing that nice costumes.

Not only children, adults like this party as well.  I was invited to go into a party on Wednesday October, 30th (I put the date just to you see that is not only in 31th), I didn’t have time to prepare my costume and how I was working, I just find some stuffs to pretend that I was a pirate. I arrived in the end of the party, but was a great fun. Other people who arrived early told me that they offered snacks and everybody was wearing costume. 999100_10151693002856933_438836407_n

In 31th I didn’t work, so I had time to enjoy the party. The party was in Cork City Gaol, where was an old prison. The place is a little bit scary, but perfect for the party. We paid 30 euros with free drinks and food. I could enjoy the party with many glasses of wine and an amazing stew ( its  a kind of soup with pieces of food, like potatoes, meat, vegetables, etc.). In the 1456794_10200751094801382_2081914185_nbeginning I was ok, polite, kind and friendly, but in the end I was crazy! TOTALLY CRAZY Alucicrazy.

I forgot some parts of the party, but I know that I’ve talked with a lot of people in that night. I’ve just finished my adventure with a terrible hangover.


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